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  • Blair Therefore please take sufficient time to fill out and not screw your ideas immeasurably.
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  • Greg This is an Internet Service Provider, however, absolutely consistent basis you should therefore leave no worry itself.
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  • Robert Without obligations, without feeling guilty. Therefore, one should always be careful with whom you are doing it on the Internet.
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  • Bill Most provider of applications, such as the iTunes Store, bothered by the obvious sex Apps.
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  • Israel This is at C-date fortunately different.
  • Mario So easy to sign up, so difficult to get out. Now the they refuse to refund my money, but tell me I have 'access to the services until June 2019'.
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  • Sydney The contact proposals are clearly structured, in messages and profile visitors clearly.
  • Lyman Particularly positive is just noticed that here everyone can get involved. What Fakes terms: Beware of members that offer an appropriate adventure against money.
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  • Alvin No binding relationship, no responsibility — as the motto of the casual dating.
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  • Dominique Should an offer so listen too good to be true, then it probably is not a serious offer. Who thinks, may at C-date but quite a positive experience and take one or the other exciting adventures.
  • Osvaldo The setting will be quickly saved and completed. You also have to fax a form with your cancellation 2 weeks before your paid-for period expires, or else you're automatically charged again! Our testing has shown: When specifying unrealistic wishes, a abound fake profiles are proposed.
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  • Lisa This website should be shut down. C-date displays even before such dubious offers.
  • Earnest For C-date and also offers its customers a personalized customer service and focuses on the preferences that are less interesting on other platforms. I cancelled my membership but they emailed saying i had to write a letter even though they acknowledged my email.
  • Aubrey Why would I want access to their services if I requested a cancellation? I paid for 1 months membership on the understanding it would be renewed automatically as I had previously purchased. There were a number of signs I picked up on early in the conversations that made me wary.