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Winfred Identifying Vintage Fender Speakers — and Battling Hum
  • Santiago I bought a set up similar to the one in the picture from the builder Allen Lasiker at his shop just off Memorial Drive in Houston Texas. I saw a Marshall 1922 2x12 speaker cab at the local music store.
  • Brenda Then in the last 2 years Pat Quilter comes along with with with the 200 watt Steelaire amp for pedal-steel.
Troy Speaker Codes & Applications
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  • Boris But don't try to improve on it its had quite enough man hours spent on the design.
Nancy CTS Speaker (Vintage) » Sonic Circus
  • Willie You might find some of the information useful in determining which speaker would be best suited to your application. It started with the multi- tool I found in the middle of the road when I was out on motorcycle.
  • Eliseo I remember I had some old organ speakers, that I could pickup with 1 finger. I had waited 3 months for the amp.
Emery CTS Speakers
  • Elliott Gibson initially sponsored the development of these amps and they were designed by Moog. The coils we use in particular, none finer.
  • Porfirio Some types of preamp tubes hum more than others in some amps.
Ashley Identifying Vintage Fender Speakers — and Battling Hum
  • Salvatore Or anything in between with a few cardboard tubes.
Rolland Ampeg SVT vintage alnico CTS speakers vs Eminence Legend reïssue bass speakers
  • Frederick No refunds and will only ship in the continental U. Our parts are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world today and almost always are of a higher quality than the originals.
Kristopher VINTAGE CTS 12" Speaker
  • Gregg It's their connection with Fender and Ampeg that makes us remember them here. Seems to me that several Leslie and Hammond organs get parted out and have these less popular speakers in them, and end up for say on Ebay.
  • Porfirio Prefer local pick-up but I will ship at buyers expense.
Dallas Comparing 1960s Speakers * Jensen * Utah * Oxford * CTS * Eminence * Rola * etc.
  • Dario Magnavox eventually became a manufacturer of a broad range of consumer electronics including radios, televisions and phonographs.
Eldon Identifying Vintage Fender Speakers — and Battling Hum
  • Graham Not too far from being that cab laid on it's side, just a little wider and not quite as deep.
  • Willard It could be a coincidence and they sounded crappy for other reasons. It would be a 6 or 7 digit number starting with 137 ex.
William Speaker Codes & Applications
  • Harold I have enough self control to not blow the thing and I do actually have a 15L here I got for free in need of a recone although there are drivers nowdays many many times better for bass.
Owen Identifying Vintage Fender Speakers — and Battling Hum
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Steven CTS Speakers
  • Anton Our mentally handicapped neighbor had a thing for flashlights when I was a kid.