Tinder poop story. I Just Learned What A Poop Knife Is And I Refuse To Suffer Alone

Curt Tinder date gone wrong: The worst poo story
  • Bryon Our tale begins with a man, who'd like to remain anonymous, to ask for money to help fix his broken window.
Dalton Woman, 24, who got trapped after throwing her poo out the window breaks silence on 'worst Tinder date ever'
  • Dino Let's go back to the beginning.
Cleo Woman wan troway poo
  • Bradford According to Liam, the rescue took only 15 minutes and the woman was not harmed during the whole incident.
  • Grover Image: Smith says that he was prepared to destroy the window, but his date decided she wanted to fix the situation by attempting to retrieve the poop.
Jamel Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date
  • Kirby Writing on the GoFundMe page, Liam said the couple had been watching a Louis Theroux documentary when their night took an interesting turn.
Lavern Firefighters Rescued A Woman On A Tinder Date Who Apparently Got Stuck Trying To Remove A Bag Of Her Own Poop
  • Odell She climbed in head first after her own turd, reached deeper into the window, bagged it up, and passed it out, over the top and back into the toilet from whence it came.
Pat Woman wan troway poo
  • Willis About an hour in to Louis Theroux and chill, my date got up to use the toilet. Offers came in from local companies in Bristol, including Warmley Windows, and as far away as Essex.
  • Stephen At the time my diet consisted of greasier foods than most peoples I have since changed, I am now about half the man I used to be and had been stopped up for about 4 days for some reason.
Jaime Funny Tinder Date Story Of A Girl Hiding A Bag Of Her Poop At Her Date’s House Will Make You Die Laughing
  • Leland In panic, she picked up the stool and threw it out the window - but it fell down into a narrow gap between two window panes.
  • Major After briefly passing out a second time, I stood up to assess my situation. At that moment it all comes out with the biggest wettest sounding fart you had ever heard.
Vito She threw her poop out the window. Then her Tinder date really went off the rails.
  • Claudio Chances are even higher you've had a minor panic attack about it, even though you know it'll inevitably turn into a you tell your friends at brunch. After realizing that tossing poop out of a window is a pretty shitty thing to do, the woman confessed what she did to Smith, who attempted to fix the situation.
  • Kermit I wasn't feeling all that well, but went to work anyway that morning. Try as we might, we could not remove her from the window.
Nicole Funny Tinder Date Story Of A Girl Hiding A Bag Of Her Poop At Her Date’s House Will Make You Die Laughing
  • Arthur Di lady decide to carry her thing back; she use head enter the small space wey di poo-poo bin dey, but na so she come trap for there, and trouble start.
Maurice This is possibly the worst dating story of all time and yes, it involves a poop
  • John Na so she come jam, hook for there.
Isaiah Oh, it's the old Tinder
  • Kendrick Problem - I wear large sizes that aren't easily found. My friends have been comparing me to Miranda Hart.