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Porfirio Tiimmy Turner
  • Dorian The series stopped production after the last episode aired on July 26, 2017 and Butch Hartman left Nickelodeon in early 2018 before moving to to plan any direct-to-video sequels to the original film, seemingly ending any chances of the film happening. She is depicted as being smart and caring.
  • Jermaine The fairies have a civilization like that of humans, but with their primary source of power being magic, which also keeps their world afloat. He drew Wanda first and then decided that she needs someone to talk to other than Timmy, and that was when he drew Cosmo.
Mervin Trixie Tang
  • Jody When Vicky isn't torturing the children she babysits, she regularly tortures Tootie at home in substitution. Nevertheless, Sheldon is a well-meaning and friendly neighbor and puts up with Mr.
  • Jennifer After coming up with the entire premise for The Fairy OddParents in about fifteen minutes, Hartman first pitched the idea to and then to Cartoon Network, both of whom turned it down. On 2000, Nickelodeon ordered seven twenty-three-minute episodes for the series' first season, which premiered on March 30, 2001 in the half-hour before fellow Nicktoon made its debut.
Lamar Blonda Fairywinkle
  • Ralph The high levels of security were still deemed penetrable, due in part to a specific group effort to get Anti-Cosmo out of Anti-Fairy World to be used as a donor for an operation.
Dana Timmy Turner
  • Andres He is and enjoys the idea of others cowering in fear of him, which affects his ability to have friends besides Cosmo and Wanda.
Tony Timmy Time
  • Rob Then later thanks to Mizore Shirayuki, Kurumu returns as she was free from Graverobber and she backfired Amber Sweet and Timmy attacked Graverobber with Wish Cutter from out of nowhere to cost him his title to King in a main event.
  • Colin Closing to the match after Chase Young, Koga, and Jack Spicer's interference were backfired by and who later weren't his associates , Timmy retained his title after escaping the cage.
Jason Trixie Tang
  • Morton The first two series ran for 26 episodes.
Quincy Blonda Fairywinkle
  • Cyrus On , Timmy and his team defeated The Samurai Society; Randy Orton on Koga in the ring, Black Star on Jack Spicer in the locker room, and Jeff Hardy on Renji Abarai in the parking lot; in a Japanarchy Rules Match.
  • Sharon Birkenbake voiced by is another teacher at Timmy's school and the chief editor of the school newspaper.
Osvaldo Tiimmy Turner
  • Karen In 2012, a toy company called Jazwares released some Fairly OddParents figures and plushies as part of the Nicktoons toy line. The film was to be animated much like the series as well as previous Nickelodeon fare such as the and , but was scrapped due to although the script was already written.
Todd Tiimmy Turner
  • Tom Anti-Cosmo is portrayed as a cynical, evil, sadistic, and intelligent anti-fairy with a British accent, and is hinted to be the leader of the Anti-Fairies, while Anti-Wanda , is portrayed as a dumb, hillbilly fairy who eats with her feet.