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  • Ariel The unexpected defeat shocked the Japanese and encouraged the Koreans. I feel that this part of the movie is slightly too long.
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  • Tyree Korean navy has zero turtle iron clad ship in this engagement.
  • Brad The first hour introduces the viewers to the historical context, the desperate condition of the Korean navy and the inhabitants in general and the most important characters from both sides of the belligerents. All you need to do is click on the appropriate link, download the free subtitles, and attach them to your video! Far from the all-powerful Übermensch who single-handedly saves the world, Yi Sun-shin lacks confidence, charisma, or even much in the way of political support.
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  • Joshua The actors spoke in both Japanese and Korean. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Japan's 'great unifier' dreamt of expanding Japan's empire and needed Joseon to secure a solid foothold to mount an attack against the mighty Ming.
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  • JoesphBy using the dangerous currents in the strait and a tactically well chosen emplacement for his fleet, the admiral was able to destroy several Japanese warships and to push back the enemy. It's relatively difficult to follow the first half of this movie if you don't know something about him.
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  • Johnny All historical accounts indicate that one ship went against superior numbers and he won.
  • Zane Acting, choreographies, images, score, sounds, special effects and stunts are reaching one high point after another in the entertaining second half of this movie. .
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  • Quentin A few clever tactical tricks from both sides are also added to the epic battle.
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  • Bryce This film isn't the best Korean movie of all times by any means and maybe slightly over-hyped.
  • Heriberto One thing I like about Korean films is they use good acting and a strong plot to tell the story.
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  • Carol I loved the costumes everyone wore! The movie gets a boost during the second hour that is almost entirely dedicated to the battle itself.
  • Nathan They are suitable for every kind of raw.
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  • Clinton The complexity of the plans suggests that this project has been in the works for a while, and the announcement was slated for after the Academy Awards to capitalize on some hype, not necessarily the movie's unexpected win for Best Picture,.
  • Keith Consequently, his portrayal in may initially come off as a bit of a shock. The film shows us the weeks before the famous battle, an extensive depiction of the battle itself and its immediate aftermath and a short look beyond in the concluding minutes.
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  • Jonathon What other subtitles would you like to see from us? It will give a quick glimpse into the man and back drops of this conflict. Hideyoshi was denied free passage for his forces across the Korean mainland King Seonjo and his cabinet thought that allowing the Japanese to cross unmolested would result in Korea being bloody battleground between their powerful neighbours , and so amassed a force and fleet and began their Invasion of Korea 1592-1598 ,.
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  • Jeremy The battle, which took place in the Myeongryang Strait off the southwest coast of the Korean Peninsula, is considered one of the greatest victories of Yi. After a disastrous defeat, the Korean fleet only consisted of 13 warships while the Japanese gathered 133 warships and around 200 logistical support ships.
  • Ralph There are many ups and downs during the battle, several different strategies are used and even the fights themselves vary from cannon fire, over confrontations with bows and arrows and intense sword fights to a few elements of martial arts duels. An admiral changed the fear in his men to that of courage and defeated the enemy.
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  • Erwin The battle scenes in this movie are amazing and it's interesting to see how the story develops. Works great with rarbg release.