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  • Irvin She could feel his fingertips, nudging her, keeping a grip on the dress. Play with no straps, or maintain them completely controlled.
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  • Sung Very little sound escaped through the thick oak panels. It was never her choice, so she had to take what he gave her without complaint.
  • Jackie There was nothing else to do but calm her thumping heart and keep going down, carefully placed footfalls accompanied by the painful creaking. I love the genius way in which you added the bottom brace for support.
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  • Franklin We had these old style desks in the seventh grade. Behind her blindfold, darkness held sway and it made her hearing super sensitive.
  • Lane I think my memory foam cost just over £20, and the wood I got from my local hardware shop.
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  • Freeman You might want it to be stained with jizz, though, in which case good for you, you go for it. Here are some examples of custom built spanking furniture suitably adorned with willing participants.
  • Alva Down her legs he went, adding to the mix his hot breath on the backs of her legs. Things laid out neatly in drawers — all his contraptions, restraints and tools.
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  • Hung Sometimes he would hover so close, close enough for his warm breath to mist over her tender flesh.
  • Francisco From his pocket, he drew out the black blindfold and wrapped it about her eyes.
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  • Roberto Descending always made her nervous.
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  • Jerome The crimson brick walls, without rendering, made the narrow staircase ominous, almost suffocating with the blood red shade. Unvarnished, slightly cracked in places and solid.
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  • Archie Age Disclaimer: All models were 18 or older at the time their photos or videos were taken.
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  • Margaret Take a look below: Order Your Handmade Fetish Furniture Today! But when somebody is on it, it puts him and his butt at the perfect height. .
  • Monroe With this punishing bench, you can put your sub into a doggy position, lock them in and have them ready for receive any and all things that you have prepared.
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  • Rod A heavy door, which required weight behind her hand to move it.
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  • Mason But then ideally kit like this you want to last a long time, so almost anything except Lack would be better! The freedom to choose was forbidden: she had made her choice some time ago. So I cut some thin about 15-20mm strips from the leftover fabric, then used upholstery pins to pin it in place.
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  • Cary Her three inch heels hardly made a sound as she stepped cautiously down.