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  • Winfred When I took my hands off Carol's tits and fed the machine both men reached through the glory holes and started feeling her tits. I told her the booths would almost certainly have glory holes.
  • Ollie Soon Carol had her hands over my hands pressing my hands to firmly massage her lovely tits and she began softly moaning.
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  • Perry Then I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and put my hand down in her panties and got a hand full of her sweet juices from her dripping pussy! I walked over to Joan and took her hand. She put her arms around the sailor in front's neck and planted soft kisses on his cheeks.
  • Maurice A slow song started and they got up to dance.
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  • Stacey Kalkouple666 where are you located and how can we get in touch with you? Edwards cock was thick and heavily veined with a bulbous crown. My email is Drop me a line if you're still interested and maybe we can hook up.
  • Rupert They both put their arms around her and were softly grinding into her. I am here to relieve your tension and please you any way that I can.
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  • Thaddeus We will experiment some more to see what we like.
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  • Lisa After a bit I slid my right hand into her blouse and under her bra and was squeezing her bare breast and she pressed into my hand, moaning a little louder now. I told her that I just got so horny I just couldn't stop.
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  • Andre It wasn't long before I saw the tongue go away and the head of the man's cock start pushing at the entrance to my wife's hot pussy. Horse was a boatswain, in charge of junior seaman.
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  • Tad Edward took his cock out of Joan's mouth and sprayed cum all over Joan and Horse.
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  • Lynn The streets were still crowded with revelers and there was music and laughter coming from a number of bars, restaurants and clubs.
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  • Karl He grunted and pushed all the way in and pumped his seed into her. The music ended but they stayed glued together swaying and grinding.
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  • Christian She drove our rental car to La Jolla shores and parked in the public lot. The guy behind her wasn't far behind and he and Carol were both grunting and groaning loudly as he filled her pussy with his cream and, for the first time, I tasted another man's cum from my wife's pussy.
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  • Zane She started to bob up and down on it, taking a little more each time, her cheeks and throat puffing out. What's even more was I couldn't believe I was enjoying it! Horse was pushing his hips up driving his whole length into Joan.
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