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  • Wilbert It stars Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Like many B-movies of its time, I Drink Your Blood was a Times Square exploitation film and drive-in theater staple.
  • Steven It was critically maligned on its theatrical release, but is now generally highly-regarded among fans of underground film.
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  • Benny Brad Pitt in his first significant role in a major Hollywood film plays a parolee robber.
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  • Dave After a few scuffles the group of bikers decide to help the stranded bunch and tow them to a remote cabin, with less than good intentions in store. The film was written and directed by David E.
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  • Lamont A commercial success, Death Wish generated a movie franchise lasting four sequels over a twenty-year period. Incestuous rape, straight-up molestation is even more taboo.
  • Clement When Jay one of the bikers tries to help the bus driver, the other two bikers start to harass the four girls.
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  • Shannon As soon as the teacher Miss Tenny observes this, she immediately defends the girls, however, is assaulted for her interruption. James Russo also appeared in the play as the attacker.
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  • Dylan The film was produced in 1978 and received a limited release, with a wider release in 1980 and later remake released in 2010.
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  • Erwin When Lynn starts killing people who remind her of her abusive father, Zambrini feeds the remains to his sadistic sows.
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  • Lonnie Eye for an Eye is a film directed by John Schlesinger and starring Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland, Ed Harris, Beverly D'Angelo and Joe Mantegna. Extremities is a 1986 film starring Farrah Fawcett, Alfre Woodard, Diana Scarwid and James Russo.
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  • Fredrick Irréversible is a 2002 French film written, directed, photographed, and edited by Gaspar Noé.
  • Duane Four teen-age girls along with their teacher and bus driver from Los Angeles are on a field trip in the desert. Revenge 85 Rape 81 Murder 69 Violence 66 Blood 52 Female Nudity 51 Independent Film 44 Death 40 Rape Victim 36 Gun 35 Female Frontal Nudity 34 Vengeance 33 Female Protagonist 32 Rape And Revenge 32 Gore 31 Brutality 30 Bare Breasts 29 Cult Film 29 Sadism 29 Exploitation 27 Flashback 27 Gang Rape 27 Nudity 27 Cigarette Smoking 26 Psychopath 26 Female Rear Nudity 25 Police 25 Pubic Hair 25 Torture 25 Voyeur 25 Knife 24 Panties 24 Rapist 24 Sex 23 Blood Splatter 22 Male Nudity 22 Psychotronic Film 22 Sadist 22 Shot To Death 22 Voyeurism 22 Anger 21 Beating 21 Husband Wife Relationship 21 Kidnapping 21 Photograph 21 Sexual Abuse 21 Sexual Violence 21 Corpse 20 Cruelty 20 F Rated 20 Fight 20 Sexual Assault 20 Telephone Call 20 Female Full Frontal Nudity 19 Hospital 19 Shotgun 19 Father Daughter Relationship 18 Fear 18 Female Pubic Hair 18 Kiss 18 Misogynist 18 Vigilante 18 Breasts 17 Cell Phone 17 Crying 17 Shot In The Chest 17 Suicide 17 White Panties 17 Anal Rape 16 Castration 16 Evil Man 16 Home Invasion 16 Male Frontal Nudity 16 Male Rear Nudity 16 Mercilessness 16 Mother Daughter Relationship 16 Nipples 16 Perversion 16 Pistol 16 Police Officer 16 Punched In The Face 16 Shooting 16 Shot In The Head 16 Shower 16 Woman In Jeopardy 16 Evil 15 One Word Title 15 Panties Pulled Down 15 Prostitute 15 Stabbing 15 Surprise Ending 15 Bare Chested Male 14 Car 14 Escape 14 Grindhouse Film 14 Hostage 14 Humiliation 14 Lust 14 Scantily Clad Female 14 Seduction 14 Day of the Woman better known by its re-release title, I Spit on Your Grave is a controversial rape revenge film.