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  • Desmond As for the team, Hannover 96 have had some difficult years, but as of 2017-18 play at the highest level in the Bundesliga.
  • Julius Chaos Days : Chaostage was an annual gathering, often violent, held in , starting in 1982 and reviving in the mid-1990s. Large parts of the interior are open to the public for tours.
Stanley Chaos Days Hannover (Germany1995) #1
  • Frederic Only in the last years of the did the government allow some bands like or from , but those bands were criticized in the scene for cooperating with the government.
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  • Rex The museum was founded in 1979 a decade after the chocolate manufacturer Bernhard Sprengel donated his modern art collection to the city. The main difference is that German punk bands hadn't yet become political.
Geoffrey Frustkiller (Punk Hannover) Die letzten 4,5 Minuten live @ Weiden 2017
  • Grover Both are still active, though they've changed their style several times.
  • Don Source: Shutterstock Marienburg Castle If you make one day-trip from Hanover this Neo-Gothic palace about 20 kilometres south of the city would be a good shout. This monument, unmistakeable for its elaborate gables, is also the southernmost example of the Northern German Brick Gothic style.
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  • Kurt Main article: A phenomenon of the punk scene in West Germany were the Chaostage chaos days , which took place in the mid-1980s in Hannover and and were meetings of punks from all over Germany.
  • Steven Both Expressionist groups, Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter are here, as well as pieces by Picasso, Paul Klee, Max Ernst, Max Beckmann, Emil Nolde and Fernand Léger.
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  • Nelson The Maschseefest is a celebration of music and gastronomy, with lots of little side events and parties going on for all the family.
  • Ramiro Some bands were influenced by , like from or.
Ismael Chaos Days Hannover (Germany1995) #1
  • Philip There are models of dinosaurs and an aquarium in the natural history department, and some 20,000 pieces of traditional art collected from Oceania, Africa, America and across Asia in the ethnology department.
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  • Merlin Some of them got popular outside the punk scene, but were often criticized by the punk scene for being too trivial.
  • Eduardo Hanover was founded at this location on the road from Bremen to Hildesheim. A special elevator traces the curve of the dome and carries you to an observation platform almost 100 metres above street level.
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  • Sergio The western entrance is only ten minutes or so on foot from the Hauptbahnhof.
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  • Julie It all builds up to a world-class pyrotechnics display, combined with music and planned by the best pyrotechnicians in the business.
  • Carlo But for you and me, Maschsee is for watersports in summer, and walks along the leafy shore, which is dotted with public art by Alexander Calder, Georg Kolbe and Arno Breker. The royal line, the House of Hanover, gave the United Kingdom three kings, and also gave this city some splendid properties like the Herrenhäuser Gardens.