Pretty little liars toby cavanaugh. List of Pretty Little Liars characters

Jan List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Eugene When Spencer confronts Ian about Alison's death, he claims he only pushed her, not intended for her to hit her head.
  • Darnell However, his body is eventually discovered with his death staged to look like a suicide; leaving Melissa with his unborn child. When Emily attempts to escape, the two get into a physical confrontation which culminates in Emily stabbing Lyndon in self-defense, fatally wounding him, and he dies.
Jordan List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Omar Later, Wilden confronts Ashley and when he reaches for his gun, she hits him with her car and flees the scene. Paige later ends her relationship with Emily when she sees her true feelings for Alison and realizes that Emily will never love her more than she loves Alison.
  • Mathew When Sara tries to get up she accidentally places her hand on an electrical box, severely damaging her hands.
Richie List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Fredric He blames Aria for the trouble between their parents. Ezra later informs Emily that Sabrina quit her job at The Brew to move to Atlanta where she got an apprenticeship with an extremely successful baker.
Carol List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Nickolas She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year.
  • Arnulfo She later was burnt in a fire and led to believe that Aria did it She's Better Now. Maggie asked Ezra if she and Malcolm can stay in Rosewood near him for a couple of days.
Newton List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Franklin When Mike becomes depressed, Byron reveals that his brother Scott, who committed suicide, also suffered from mental illness; Byron feels guilty for not doing anything to help his brother.
Guillermo List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Shane She tells Toby that she is happy before she breaths her last breath, dropping her flowers in the process and leaving Toby devastated.
  • Loyd Byron finds out that Ezra is involved in a relationship with Aria after they tell him and Ella and is furious about it. He moved away at the end of season 3, out of fear and as a way to start over.
Walter List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Fredrick Rhonda tells Aria that she knew Bethany Young, and that Bethany was occasionally visited by Jessica DiLaurentis. Hackett is reintroduced to the series in the seventh season.
Linda List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Marcos She met with Alex Drake who was pretending to be Spencer and recognized her smell from when she was working for her.
  • Brent They have a brief struggle with Lyndon trying to stab her, but Emily grabs the knife and kills him in self-defense.
Devin List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Alphonso He begins torturing Alison inside Welby and takes her out one night as part of his plan.
  • Salvador He tells Emily that he is okay with Emily and Talia having an experimentation with each other because he knows that he will get to love her forever.
Kermit List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Carmine Spencer challenged him to a strip version of quiz-off in order to get his vote to keep her on the team. August 2017 is an created by for.
  • Chris Sydney was volunteering at Jenna's blind school and when Jenna found out that Alison was returning she called Sydney for help. Team, consisting of Jenna, Sydney, Aria, Wren, Mona, and Mary.
Margarito List of Pretty Little Liars characters
  • Elmo Mary is also currently the owner of the Lost Woods Resort.
  • Connie Regretting the affair and wanting them to be a family again, Byron moves the family to Iceland for a year as a sabbatical.