Onkyo tx nr515 reset. TX

Wilton TX
  • Geoffrey I noticed the heat build up and put a low speed fan above it, the case temperature there dropped to just above ambient and it is inaudible from 10cm. They couldn't have been easier to deal with or more accommodating.
  • Marcus Görgőket felcsiszoltam, illetve a jobb oldalit újra cseréltem, a hiba nem szűnt meg. It appears well documented online.
Hilario Firmware Updates TX
  • Clarence If I wait a few hours I can then set it back to Both without the output cutting out.
Kristopher ONKYO TX
  • Clayton Sure, give me an iPad to control it and I'll be all set. Press and hold 2Q for 3 or more seconds until the 3 remote indicator stays lit.
  • Edwardo Never had a problem with that amp though in the 4 years I owned it, which is why I took another Onkyo when I upgraded. We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this situation may have caused.
Betty ONKYO Reset auf Werkseinstellungen (AV Receiver Heimkinoreceiver 2012)
  • Timothy I just haven't been able to determine how prevalent these issues are.
  • Pablo Ok, that's lame, but I know now - forget Onkyo when thinking about getting a receiver.
  • Charlie They FedExed a postage paid shipping box, and I had my repaired receiver back in my possession six days after shipping it to them. I returned my 616 after the latest firmware bricked it and they told me to mail them the receiver for a replacement.
  • Rodney I'll start the ball rolling 'Tricky'! If you reset the unit status, your preferences will be reset to the defaults. This is with my TiVo which continues to send an image even when off and only happens after x period of time.
Tod The *Official* Onkyo TX
  • Odis Anyway thanks for the responses so far please keep them coming, I must have read in excess of 120 on face-book before becoming bored. Graphic oriented set up menus can't be seen on the front panel display.
George SOLVED: Sometimes there is no audio, reboot fixes things
  • Dexter Yes, I posted on the Forum and gave it three weeks before I was running out of time on my return window.
  • Mason While I agree that adding a fan or the capacitor swap is a possible fix, not many people want to be bothered with that, and why should they its an issue that should have been addressed in the development stage. Over the phone I did some trouble shooting.
Frederic SOLVED: Sometimes there is no audio, reboot fixes things
  • Ruben So my Onkyo tx-nr616 is having some problems, its about 3 years old now and the audio sometimes just doesn't boot up, when you power on the amp.
Fritz Firmware Updates TX
  • Joseph Have wanted one ever since but never got around to getting one until a little less than two years ago when a great deal cropped up for the 809. Got this model last week from Crutchfield.
Terrell Onkyo TX
  • Michael I just didn't want to get stuck with a lemon! A further 10 days later, I had it back, with a 90 day warranty. I have the problem not with the networking issue but with a faulty chip that disables the speakers so I get nothing.
  • Kory The device doesn't begin the actual upgrade process until then. Only got round to unboxing it on Thursday evening.