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Alec 15 One Tree Hill Stars: Where Are They Now?
  • Andre Harris married Supernatural star Jensen Ackles in 2010, and the couple has a daughter, born in 2013, and fraternal twins, born in December 2016. She's only had two more acting credits added to her resume since then, both from 2013: Drop Dead Diva and Don't Know Yet.
  • Quinn Haley begins to help her write again and she starts dating Chase. In the years since, he's guested on The Mob Doctor, Ray Donovan, and Agents of S.
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  • Richie Ellie shows up on Peyton's door and tells her that she is her mother, and she did not send any emails. Jake then chased after her and in Season three, it is revealed that they both live in Savannah and will continue to share custody until the next trial.
Anibal Where Are They Now? The Cast of One Tree Hill
  • Dale She's quite jarred when Clay reveals he had fathered a son named Logan whose existence he had blocked out of his mind after Sara's death. In the first season, the main teenage characters are aged sixteen.
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  • Aaron In season six, it is revealed she is the person who ran Dan over.
Cody 15 One Tree Hill Stars: Where Are They Now?
  • Alfonso Karen visited him but they broke up because she did not want to have more children.
  • Emil He becomes close friends with Brooke and Rachel. But the catch is that the job is in L.
Wallace Golden Globes 2020: One Tree Hill Stars Reunite for Afterparty
  • Homer When Clay finds it, he tells her that she should go to Africa for a photography gig because that will save her. A troubled Deb struggles with a drug addiction.
Kirby One Tree Hill (TV Series 2003
  • Enrique Mia then starts to slowly form a friendship with Alex. Peyton spread her ashes on a place where Ellie had been to a music festival, the best thing she remembered aside from her time with Peyton.
  • Morton The question is ostensibly answered when Karen tells Lucas in episode 1. He has not been in anything too high profile, but the dude has been getting a solid paycheck with a lot of television appearances.
Freddie One Tree Hill: Where are they now?
  • Aubrey After One Tree Hill, it seems like Barbara Alyn Woods took some time to herself because she was not in too many projects.
  • Marty In 2014, she married actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan with whom she has one son.
Ulysses One Tree Hill (TV series)
  • Frederick He is very over-protective of his daughter and, to an extent, Brooke as well.
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  • Cliff The show began with nine main characters in its first season as the roles of Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, Haley James, Dan Scott, Karen Roe, Keith Scott, and Whitey Durham.
  • Chauncey When Jake refused to give Jenny to her and turned himself in to the police because there was a warrant out for his arrest, she still managed to locate her and take her away.
Wayne One Tree Hill (TV Series 2003
  • Jeremiah I appreciate how loyal she is. She is seen as a mother figure to Haley, often offering her support and advice.
  • Nathaniel Fans expected a tragic ending because of Lucas and Peyton's star-crossed history and the show's penchant for shocking finales.