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Elias Wilhelm Klink
  • Pierre During his war service, he won the , although the how and why is never mentioned in the series. His medals include the , , , and the.
  • Russel Gefangen ist hier allerdings niemand.
Jon Campaign Series
  • Kieth Alle anderen sind jedoch anderer Meinung.
Don List of Hogan's Heroes characters
  • Forest Das Lager Stalag 13 ist im Schwedischen Landhaustil errichtet worden Hier ne Holzhütte, da ne Holzhütte und im Laufe der komplett unterhöhlt worden.
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  • Shannon } He once worked as a parking-lot attendant in.
  • Stuart The name first appeared in the thirteenth century in the German-Swiss border area, and early forms were Zoberist and Oberist. LeBeau is also frequently seen bribing Schultz with food for information.
Ignacio German Kommandant Oberst Wilhelm Klink & Oberfeldwebel Hans Georg Schultz
  • Wendell Carter by rank during the sixth season. Hogans Lieblingsbeschäftigung ist es allerdings, sein gesamtes Umfeld besonders Oberst Klink komplett zu verwirren oder regelrecht zu verarschen.
  • Joan It is currently used by both the and of , , , , and. Hogans Anwesenheit sorgt bei Hochstätter scheinbar für kurzzeitige Gedächnisslücken.
Mohamed Ein Käfig voller Helden
  • Harry Die Figuren sind allesamt wandelnde Klischees.
  • Charley He is a member of the German underground, and secretly in league with Hogan and his men. Schultz is seen throughout the show taking bribes from the prisoners that are usually in the form of chocolate bars or LeBeau's gourmet cooking, often in exchange for information.
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  • Rolland In the pilot episode, Helga works as a manicurist in the prisoners' underground barber shop, but this is the only scene that shows her cooperation as that extensive.
  • Norberto Kinch ist der einzige im Lager und wird selbstverständlich auch auf Außeneinsätzen mitgenommen.
Weston Wilhelm Klink
  • Loren Die Handlung Fünf Touristen Amis, ein Engländer und ein Franzose , nutzen ihren , um nebenbei den Krieg im Alleingang zu Gewinnen. He complained about how four of the prison guard dogs tried to att.
  • Herschel LeBeau has trained the camp guard dogs without the knowledge of the guards, and is often seen using the tunnel entrance located in the kennel.
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  • Trenton Was man da nicht alles deaktivieren soll, dann Config editieren, sende Fehlerberichte, DiagX-Info und Horoskope zu. Slowly, it drives me mad and angry.
  • Tracey As a skilled tailor, Newkirk is in charge of making or altering uniforms, civilian clothes, and other disguises as needed for missions or for prisoners to move out of Germany.
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  • Terrance When the Luftwaffe was reformed, he rejoined it. He is the only member of his class not to have made General--although in the D-Day episode , Hogan tricked the into thinking Klink was the General to deal with the ; faced with the choice of either fighting on the or holding the reserves back, Klink took the advice of General von Scheider to phone Hitler as only he could authorize the panzer reserves to be unleashed, after a long discussion on who he was, only to find out Hitler was asleep and his aides would not wake him so Klink could only order.
  • Hiram However, Klink had no idea that there were actually a series of under the camp that were being used by , the camp's senior , and his to run an anti-Nazi , which Stalag 13 actually was. Am besten, man kauft sich ein neues Rig, auf dem nur Anno zum Einsatz, pardon: Absturz, kommt.