My husband puts his mother before me. Husband chooses his mother over me

Peter Help! My husband loves his mother more than me
  • Stanley Some may not take any issue with this, and in those cases, those individuals should do what is best for them.
Rolland My husband puts his family before me
  • Duncan I left for a couple hours because I was ticked and upon my return he was sound asleep without a care in the world.
  • Gail Last week he was over at her house leaving work early on Friday, then over on Saturday and Sunday, leaving work early again to see her on Tuesday.
Glenn My Husband Doesn't Put Me First: My Husband Doesn't Make Me A Priority
  • Neil Aaron- I am in the same situation, except it is my wife that does everything with her family.
Alex Husband chooses his mother over me
  • Lisa There can be a number of reasons why your spouse has reached the decision to end the marriage. My family holiday gatherings get critique on whom talked to husband like some rating system.
  • Justin When you have kept each other as a priority, you'll be there for each other through the hard times. You do not have to, and should not have to, hang around in an unsafe environment while he learns to change.
Louie My Husband Always Puts His Mother First. What Should I Do? — Ask A Pastor w. Dr. Joel C. Hunter
  • Albert I have put up with it for 14 years now.
Lance 3 Reasons a Husband Should Love his WIFE More Than He Loves his MOTHER
  • Derek It isn't biased in the least bit, its truthful.
Jeffrey Help! My husband loves his mother more than me
  • Marty If you remain with your partner, he will become more violent and possibly will for you into prostitution. An 80 year old woman gradauated from college one year, and she is one of my heroes for doing so! You must love your wife enough to stand up for your marriage…even to your own mother.
Benjamin Married to Mama's Boys: Make Great Friends, Bad Husbands
  • Roderick You feel pushed away, forgotten about, etc… even when you truly are staying in your place.
Sean My husband loves his mother more than me
  • Damian Any concerns or questions that you have about relationships or any other source of potential distress should be discussed with a professional, in person. I try not to show my feelings of annoyance, but he can always tell.
  • Dominic In the past he used to go to her house twice a week - once during the workweek after work and then on Sunday again.