Mossberg 500 serial numbers lookup. How can you tell how old a mossberg is?

Freddie manufacture date from serial number??
  • Amy The factory warranty on Maverick shotguns is limited to one year.
  • Carlton L847xxx - 1996-1997 L990xxx - Jan.
Chris Mossberg Serial Number Date Code Reference
  • Weston The ease of changing barrels on the Model 500 means that a single shotgun may be equipped by the owner with a number of barrels, each for a different purpose.
Brain How to Search for the Name of a Shotgun by Serial Number
  • Antwan I got good deals on both, and retail I expect they would have brought a little more than that. Mine was made between 1968 and 1988.
Stan Mossberg 500A serial number location
  • Edgar The Maverick has only one action bar, and has a cross bolt safety on the trigger guard. A big thanks to blacksmith who is also working on this project and a chart for this.
  • Clifford Anyway what was i talking about? The trick is I would assume that it got that beat up by being in the truck of a cruiser for a few years.
Lenard manufacture date from serial number??
  • Royal A unique item offered by Mossberg for the Model 500 is a line launcher kit.
Desmond manufacture date from serial number??
  • Rodrigo It uses special to propel a shaft with an optional floating head and a light rope attached to it; a canister hung below the barrel to hold the line spool. Well, no luck finding a number, so.
Tim Mossberg Serial Number Date Code Reference
  • Christopher We need member input for this to work. The magazines are available in 5, 10, 15, and 20-round capacities.
  • Sung Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. Since an antique shotgun can be worth a lot of money -- ranging in value from hundreds to several thousands of dollars -- it's a good idea to use the serial number to obtain as much information about the gun as possible, including its year of manufacture and number of similar shotguns that were produced.
Byron Mossberg 500A serial number location
  • Major But I don't think this would help you since I know this took place after 1968. A few years ago, before Marlin was sold they cleaned house and sold a bunch of old guns that had been kept at the Marlin factory for many years.
  • Ira Those models made only before 1968 will not. A Mossberg 500 is not a very expensive shotgun, but with both the shotgun stock and the pistol grip, should be able to get three hundred, anyway.
Michel Mossberg 500A
  • Brain The non-overbored barrel of the 535 does, however, allow the use of slugs, which cannot be used in the overbored barrel of the 835.
Bernard Mossberg 500
  • Jerald A number of different models are offered with Bantam and Super Bantam stocks, or they can be ordered as accessories and fitted to any Model 500.
Erwin Mossberg Extractor Left Hand Serial Number K850000 Above Mossberg 500
  • Rusty Mossberg claims the grip reduces recoil. Not just a ding here or there, but scratches and dings all over the place.