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Darwin Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Earle For the model, this means sitting still for several minutes or even hours during make-up and hairdressing or waiting for the set to be set up for a shooting.
  • Heath Important for you is always: patience, ambition and discipline. The fewer arrangements are necessary in the course of a production, the less valuable time is wasted.
Wilmer SHOWCAST Models [MODELKARTEI] Modelagentur + Casting
  • Ira In order to find convincing models for inquiries and jobs we also go completely new ways. The dependency on castings is much less strong through the network than without these additional opportunities.
  • Joesph Because finally in the real working world of a model the evaluation of a jury does not count, but rather that the model fits to the respective collection or the advertising concept.
Antoine Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Mack The Berlin elite, on the other hand, has settled in the Wilmersdorff and Charlottenburg districts.
  • Tyler Not only models and designers, but also fashion bloggers and all fashion enthusiasts feel at home here. Also spontaneous talking belongs to it — multitalents! For high fashion, slim and big applies, for advertising the conditions are already more flexible.
Gilbert Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Gino There is not one ideal picture, different areas demand different basics.
  • Trinidad The own private retreat is here usually in the backyards with own green areas and the own balcony. Read a little more about Modelagentur here.
Dino Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Wilbert With the contacts to photographers or other persons from the fashion industry or advertisement it is easier to remain in memory and to be so with a future project in the shortlist.
  • Nick Here you can run for the greatest designers in the world. Here residents and visitors can expect a wide range of museums, places that have made history over the centuries and a vibrant nightlife.
Terrance Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Buford Thus we cover a large spectrum of potential sightings. Besides Hamburg, Berlin is the absolute hotspot for models in Germany.
Wyatt SHOWCAST Models [MODELKARTEI] Modelagentur + Casting
  • Robbie Another basic requirement for working as a model is to be disciplined.
Emory Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Sidney Berlin Models Berlin-Mitte in particular attracts many models, but also tourists, media representatives, designers, creative people and… This can be seen every year, for example at the and many other events.
George SHOWCAST Models [MODELKARTEI] Modelagentur + Casting
  • Fernando Welcome to the most colourful city in Germany! A good model agency is your key to international partner agencies, advertising agencies, creative directors, casting agencies and many more. Anyone who has already worked as a model usually has a , which should not be missing from any job interview.
  • Cynthia You will find the perfect casting cast in our file. For jobs in advertising productions, fashion and in magazines.
Robt SHOWCAST Models [MODELKARTEI] Modelagentur + Casting
  • Marc For jobs in commercials, fashion and magazines. The right contacts of the management, the network, all this decides your personal strengths, how far you get.
Carmine Model Berlin x Modeling Agency for Men & Women
  • Shawn Besides the already mentioned photo shoots for Instagram but also online shops there are even bigger challenges. The German capital city, not only for the big media world and politics, but also stars and models are at home in Berlin.
  • Rod In addition, there are 2,501,566 interactions in social networks every day — key data on key figures. Berlin influencers have made a name for themselves with their subscribers through hard work.
Houston SHOWCAST Models [MODELKARTEI] Modelagentur + Casting
  • Kimberly Companies, whether fashion, real estate or more traditional industries, invest statistically over 370 million euros, only in online advertising, only in Berlin. The biggest differences are between Haute Couture and Pret-A-Porter collections.
  • Tyree We rely on friendly contacts, strong models and clear model management, booking and casting. So that you take the right step directly, only a few clicks are missing for your model application for Berlin! As a second criterion, age is also a decisive factor.