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  • Damon Not to mention this site is filled with fat, dirty old men.
  • Jayson The first person I decided to meet asked for a contribution to her plane ticket, travel and hotel etc. After conversing with three fakes and several messages I sent were not returned, I gave up on it and deleted my account July 2013.
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  • Rich Users may file reports of concerns they have with the site regarding allegedly inappropriate language, images or gestures made on MissTravel. Hear from our Valued Clients throughout the world and see why music directors are singing a tune about Music Travel Consultants.
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  • Rodger Curious about it, I looked at MissTravel.
  • Damon Maybe, I am just thankful to this site, which let me travel to so many cities and countries I could have never afford to go to. At Music Travel Consultants, each program is custom-designed to meet your group's wishes, and, best of all, there are no hidden costs.
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  • Clay One day my sister, Leanne aka the Dinner Diva of invited me to dinner and I met Marla for the first time. Orlando 2018 was a wonderful experience for our students, ensembles, and adult travelers! I highly recommend this outstanding company.
  • Perry Unlike other sugar daddy sites, this one is for guys who are visiting town so there's absolutely no chance of an ongoing relationship. We parted ways after our trip.
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  • Chris That being said the ones I've met have been great.
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  • Bryce I was just google searching if the site was down for maintenance or issues and came across these reviews and thought I'd put in my 2 cents. We continue to contact our providers and are processing tour cancellations as rapidly as we can.
  • Federico There are plenty of women looking for sugar daddys yes.
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  • Logan I met some really great quality men who really know how to treat women. This may sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is.
  • Alva And alas a faker who used Skype as a one way street MissTravel seems reliable, but as the chances of finding a travel partner are remote, it's a waste of money I'm afraid. I spend most weekdays scouring the stores for the best styles for each body type searching affordable options and staying current on the latest trends.
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  • Sonny Now, Taylor, was 100% real, but then I ran into the fakes.
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