Martina jacová. Kyla Cole (Martina Jacová)

Michael Kyla Cole (Martina Jacová)
  • Lee As a creative freelancer, she is not afraid to voice out opinions that can stir up controversies or face ridicule over their sheer absurdity. It seems that she does not have time for romantic affairs now as she is focused on her modeling agency.
  • Arron When she became the Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 2000, however, her career set off to a flyer.
Vincent 5 Interesting Things About Kyla Cole (The Slovak Glamour Model)
  • Stacy She was invited because one of the male housemates had proclaimed Cole was his dream woman after seeing pictures of her, which had been posted on the walls in the house by the female housemates to cheer up another male housemate.
  • Gary In fact, her popularity is such that her website has already grown to the largest in the industry. But considering her pre-existing popularity and talent, we are sure enough of her meteoric rise, that we can confidently put her name in this list.
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  • Raul The magazine, founded by , saw its fair share of controversies and legal disputes but still made its founders rich and richer.
  • Clifton Destined for success, Sunny achieved great heights in the porn film and video industries. Though the name of the high school she attended is still kept under the wrap, Kyla Cole learned fashion design and painting while in high school.
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  • Isiah Since her Penthouse awards are so recent, what they will do to her career cannot be accurately gauged just yet.
Thaddeus 5 Interesting Things About Kyla Cole (The Slovak Glamour Model)
  • Felix She started off in the industry in 2003 and made several movies, as well as videos, even before she grabbed her Penthouse fame.
  • Eli These launched her career onto a whole new stratosphere and the lady bagged centerfold features on several other racy magazines. .
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  • Lavern Yet, when she was yet to make her own place in the pornographic industry, Audrey appeared on the Penthouse 2008 magazine cover and skyrocketed to fame with her sultry looks. Kyla Cole was reveling with her newfound fame as she went on to meet new people, celebrities and traveled to many new places she had wished to be.
  • Forest A of the game was subsequently released in July 2007, featuring Cole as the lead heroine Vivien. For more interesting facts about the prominent model, stay tuned on the article.
Ethan Kyla Cole (Martina Jacová)
  • Ernesto Cole also appeared as and for live-action comic book website Superheroines. She started performing in hardcore movies in 2009.
Dino Kyla Cole (Martina Jacová)
  • Linwood While in the United States, Kyla contested in Miss Monticello Raceway beauty pageant in July 1999 and eventually clinched the title.
  • Kelvin The dispute led to her exit from the show and she was later paid a tremendous amount for damages.
Rich Kyla Cole (Martina Jacová)
  • Garrett She has also been a part owner of a modeling agency. After she watched the Penthouse Pet of the Year announcement on television in 2008, Taylor always knew she would make a career shift from restaurant girl to adult star! The Penthouse publicity did her a whole world of good, as she went on to become a successful television and film brand, post this fame.