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  • Dexter She looked over and saw that the soccer team were out practicing and she wondered if Jack would be there.
  • Alton Saying no more the librarian turned round and walked away with the books.
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  • Glen Arching her back as she lent her head back she felt her pussy tingle.
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  • Tod She had no time to stop and see if Jack was there so she hurried on to the library. Lucy felt herself blush at the thought that her play may have been caught on camera.
  • Kimberly Lucy moved onto the sofa, facing the back of it with her knees on the cushions she continued to rub herself, moaning as she felt just how good it was.
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  • Lance Lucy's breathing became shallow as she rubbed and rubbed. Lucy guessed she'd never know as she certainly wasn't going to ask her! As she looked around she again saw that the library was empty except her, naked in nothing more than her high heeled shoes.
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  • Brett At the back of her mind she knew that someone could walk in at any minute, even the grouchy old lady librarian who seemed conspicuous by her absence. She screwed her bra and thong into her hands and walked down the library as the door opened and the grouchy librarian came in.
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  • Jeff Sliding her hands into the top of her thong she pulled it down and like her bra she cast it onto a table. Imagining that Jack was stood behind her looking at her pink pussy with its swollen lips.
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  • Hollis Her clit throbbed and throbbed as she rubbed. Lucy bent over, allowing her small boobs to hang down and she slipped her right hand between her legs, pulling her lips open.
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  • Andres Her moaning got louder and louder.
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  • Jeremy Her right leg was on the ground and her left was arched up and on the sofa cushion.
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  • Winfred Once she'd walked the length of the library she saw a large leather sofa in the corner.
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