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Ty EnlightenmentMyth blog discussion : JedMcKenna
  • Jacob It's as real or surreal as anybody intends it to be. Just wait a few more months and you will see how thin it is.
  • Dana Jed McKenna is one of the most straightforward and authentic spiritual teachers, ever.
Dewey Peter Ralston On Jed Mckenna
  • Maxwell Truth and self are mutually exclusive. The only relevant question is what happens to the observer when its world disappears? So, poetic jargons and word muddles apart, there is only one I — one self.
  • Don It is important to be clear about what truth realization is.
Donna 5.4 Lies: Jed McKenna And Meditation
  • Ivory Then it became too dangerous for him. Firstly, one who knows and respects this ancient teaching tradition does not use words such as no-self or void.
  • Tyson As Plato described this problem in the Allegory of the Cave, the observer exists in a higher dimension that is outside the lower dimensional plane of existence of the screen.
Dewey Enough of drama
  • Kenny On the contrary, he tries to clean himself of all that is untrue, inauthentic, insincere - and when his heart is ready, purified, the guest comes.
Erwin Realization of Jed McKenna by Brian Emmett
  • Alonzo It is identified heavily and passionately, or it is more dispassionate and aloof from all that it sees and experiences and has.
Jan 5.5 Lies: I Moved From Cambodia
  • Tyrone I'm a hermit, I like to hear about people's travels. Words do create problems for us — they create misunderstanding and division.
Giovanni The 95% Factor ⋆ Simply Awake
  • Keith Rowling publishing under a pseudonym. The idea that the self is only present if the world appears for the self to perceive is wrong — for the simple reason that the self does not come in and go out of existence depending on something as flimsy and changeable as the world.
Ferdinand 5.4 Lies: Jed McKenna And Meditation
  • Fletcher I have no idea who Jed McKenna is, nor do I have an idea if the guy moderating the JedMcKenna forum is indeed Jed or just some guy or girl claiming to be him. Perhaps the only thing that really exists is an infinite sea of beingness, and this entire Maya thing is just some very interesting entertainment? The only clear way to define truth realization is in terms of the disappearance of the world.
  • Orville All of Pen-name Pete's stuff bears the authentic 'mark of the beast' in my view. Everything in the world is manifested.
Myles Realization of Jed McKenna by Brian Emmett
  • Edgardo How long has it been since you have re-read the trilogy Brian? Anyway, to my way of thinking, hate is hate- love is love.
  • Benito In pure being consciousness arises.
Nicole Has anyone here taken the course from the fake Jed McKenna forum? : JedMcKenna
  • Rodolfo I would rather cherish it, than following his route.
  • Theodore You need not know what you are.
Delbert Tano
  • Sung The Nav Series is not about you worshiping me.
  • Johnnie You see, it takes another person receptor to make it a lie and thus make you a liar. This is not facilitation, it is entertainment—and most people prefer it without knowing the difference.