How to look like jessica rabbit. Human Jessica Rabbit: Woman Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Cartoon Bombshell

Clay Swedish model spent $135k on surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit now wants bum implants
  • Santiago Hopping mad: Mother-of-ten Annette Edwards, 57, has had plastic surgery to look like film character Jessica Rabbit But Ms Edwards's latest move has taken her obsession to the next level and is the result of a week of surgery and three months of strict dieting. I think she is incredibly sexy and there's a real power and strength to her character.
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  • Fredric Taylor would go on to provide the voice in test footage from 1981. Her boyfriend at the time then encouraged her to have two boob jobs that took her from an A to a C-cup.
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  • Irvin I worried about my nose, I didn't date and I felt vulnerable.
  • Bradley I found the socks I made in the less stretchy knits were much harder to get on and off. Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time… Happy Sewing! Makeover: Annette Edwards, as she looked before she had cosmetic surgery, pictured with Alice 'Since I had it done I have had loads of compliments and I love the way I look now.
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  • Lester Cassandra wanted to have ribs removed to make her waist smaller, aspiring to the unrealistically shapely hourglass figure of the sultry cartoon character Cassandra explained that she is a 'cosmetic concoction' saying 'I would say the only thing I haven't had done is my heart. Face Taping, Brow Concealing, Anime Lips - 11 minutes, 40 seconds - Go to channel - Iwasaka Miyuki - 1.
Emily Human Jessica Rabbit: Woman Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Cartoon Bombshell
  • Reginald Sometimes major surgery to the thoracic cavity requires rib removal to allow access to the organ that's being operated on.
  • Marcos Pixee is hoping to steal her title She paid for 11 of the procedures out of her own earnings and savings. But it was after splitting from him in 2013 that her obsession to become a real-life cartoon really picked up.
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  • Mary Now I have a new pair of very cute warm socks for the upcoming Vermont winter. Emily DiDonato + Erin Parsons - 15 minutes - Go to channel - Emily DiDonato - 1.
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  • Gilbert But Cassandra would rather continue to suffer than look less like Miss Rabbit. Looking at her video, does she really need to reduce her waistline further? So why not upcycle some of these adorable tanks and T Shirts I had been holding onto into something practical… Sure, they may not be as glamorous as a new dress, or knit flowers, or all of the other fabulous creations you can make with knits.
  • Clifton I think I am pretty close to the world record for smallest waist.
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  • Rebecca The Continental Giant weighs in at three-and-a-half stone.
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  • Augustus Jayz and Blue ivy Carter - 8 minutes, 27 seconds - Go to channel - dope2111 - 4.
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  • Ali The rest, including her fourth breast augmentation, were paid for by fans who have been following her transformation on social media and praising her for being an 'inspiration'.
  • Rory Her upper eyelids have been operated on and she's had two round of liposuction.
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  • Abel She is voiced by , who was uncredited for her role.
  • Anibal With this kind of effort, her temporary impersonation of Jessica Rabbit received rave reviews and praises from her co stars and editors. Ms Edwards, a former model, is a world famous breeder of the animals and is the proud owner of Alice, the biggest rabbit in the world.
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  • Tommy Hope you guys enjoy watching this Transformation. Share The doctors held her sparkly carrot and fur coat as Cassandra revealed her replica sparkly red figure-hugging dress and purple elbow-length gloves - causing Dr Terry to say 'well hello! Also, the surgery is irreversible and comes with the risk of infection associated with any major operation.
  • Thomas Follow me on Twitter : Facebook : Promise Tamang Phan I just got so excited to see all the request to do this Look. The plump lips are the funnest part.