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Elias The Fate Of Hinata
  • Russell Mastering this technique at such an early age launched Hinata to the fore-front of powerful characters on the anime series and in the video games.
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  • Christine Despite her popularity, there are plenty of things that fans might not know about Hinata Hyūga. Naruto smiles at her and offers to walk her home, making Hinata blush again.
Emile Hinata Uzumaki
  • Jaime A while later, they all settle down and order some drinks.
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  • Fletcher Upon seeing him with no shirt on, Hinata notices Sasuke's good physique and is left blushing and speachless as well as Ino. In the omake for Naruto: Shippūden episode 165, Sakura accuses Hinata of trying to become the main heroine of the series because of her popularity.
  • Dominick She was the second youngest to achieve this mastery behind. Создатели этого сайта и поставщики услуг не несут никакой ответственности за Ваш выбор - продолжить использование этого сайта.
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  • Tyree Hinata adds that that's the part of him most people failed to see. Could the real reason behind the kidnappings been strictly political in both cases? During school time she wears the Konoha Gakuen uniform, during summer, her outfit constantly changes.
  • Sung Hinata seem a little intimidated that Naruto recognizes Sakura from their class and not her, through she couldn't speak due to her shyness so she didn't comment anything.
Mark Naruto: Things You Didn’t Know About Hinata
  • Jonathan Yet in Boruto, this changed as she became more prone to getting angry especially when it came to her husband Naruto and her children Boruto and Himawari.
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  • Clement Byakugan users can also give off powerful chakra pulses to subdue an opponent.
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  • Seymour.
  • Andrea Hinata also grew in popularity as Masashi Kishimoto wrote her in as another heroine while also giving her image some maturity upgrades.
Ruben The Fate Of Hinata
  • Odis Created by Masashi Kishimoto, the manga was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The different hair styles represent two significant time frames in her life, showing her maturity and growth through the series.
  • Gregorio The fandom that Hinata generated seemed to confirm for Massashi that his favoritism was well placed.
Emmett Himawari_Uzumaki
  • Grady So her blank, yet calm face in this meme is funny in contrast to the sarcastic tagline outlining her face. Later on, Hinata can be seen walking by the park with Naruto.
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  • Refugio Ironically, the combination of purity and strength would lead to Hamura transferring his power to Hinata as well.
  • Sam Both girls showed tremendous power through their abilities, but Hinata ultimately captured the hearts of Naruto fandom and will forever be remembered.
Elton Naruto: Things You Didn’t Know About Hinata
  • Vito She graduated the academy at 12 with the highest of scores and was in the field by the age of 14.