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  • Ken At the company party, on which Zuckerman's million-dollar offer is supposed to be poured out, Paul and Toni sway to a bet in the dispute: they want to spend 100 days without possession, after each day they are allowed to retrieve an item of their choice, who before flattening, his company shares must overwrite the colleagues.
  • Guadalupe Gedeon starred in his first movie Aunt Maria when he was 10, his second lead role followed one year later in. Actor Benno Fürmann was born on 17 January 1972 in Berlin, Germany and worked as a waiter, bouncer and drifter before attending acting lessons at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.
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  • Beau I've been dying to see Chungking Express for ages though and have never been able to find it. Of course, there are also a few successful gags.
  • Joesph After returning to Germany, he played several minor parts in movie and television projects until his breakthrough.
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  • Forrest The best conclusion to the film delivers in the end Lucy.
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  • Ward For friends and friends not so subtle effects, this experimental arrangement has an advantage: Literally understood, she gives the screenwriter and director Florian David Fitz opportunity to stage himself and his co-star and producer Matthias Schweighöfer extensively naked.
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  • Brady He was sent to boarding school in England at the age of 8 and transferred to American high school at the age of 12. Immediately he will present his invention with his buddy and start-up business partner Toni Matthias Schweighöfer on an idea pitch to the guru David Zuckerman.
  • Rolland So the question of what happens to the deal with Zuckerman ultimately matters as much as the outcome of the bet. He is the son of actor-writer Hardy Krüger and the Italian painter Francesca Marazzi.
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  • Morgan However, he will also have to recognize that Toni secretly collected his data for years and used him as a subject for cleverly personalized buy recommendations.
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  • Raphael Funny about the appearance of Artjom Gilz as a hoodie carrying, cocky-patronizing Mark Zuckerberg blend. On the linguistic level, meanwhile, it's rough.
  • MylesPaul Florian David Fitz clenched his fist in his rumpled bed: thanks to a self-developed app that communicates individually with him, the sneaker fetishist made a really nice online bargain even before getting up. Sometimes it does not immediately reveal why Paul and Toni are so passionately about to attack each other again - oh, the unforgettable shared childhood sweetheart Anna Knoske, of course.
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  • Darwin. And that's why kind-hearted conversations about luck and property are being held with Paul's parents Hannelore Elsner, Wolfgang Stumph and grandmother Katharina Thalbach.
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  • Angela Shortly after his birth, his father took his wife and son to Tanzania to live on the farm which had served as the.
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  • Dirk It's kind of weird to see the German actor without his constant nude companion writer-director-actor-nudist Matthias Schweighöfer after they spent most of the past, uhh, two years I think, promoting their comedy film 100 Things and we spent. In lofts, in staircases, in the snowstorm on the street - everywhere the actors present their well-toned bodies for an extensive soundtrack and they like to bring out their chest muscles with their hands, like footballers in the free-kick wall.
  • Carmen.
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  • Garry.