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  • Peter Wowza what a video we have here. You can see the steth bouncing around to her heart beat along with both breasts and her abdomen.
  • DwightShe really worked hard in this video and is a must have for irregular heart beat fans.
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  • Garth Decreasing oxygen breath holds cam a. The best results are on attempts 2 and 4 but the others are also great.
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  • Timmy I subscribe to the principles of the First Amendment which holds that free adult Americans have the right to decide for themselves what they will read and view without governmental interference. Manuela puts them in different parts of her body to arouse herself and tease you.
  • Dwayne Burpies are really hard so her heart is pounding about as fast and hard as it can. This is actually one of her best visible pulse videos ever.
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  • Leopoldo Goddess Dana crushes it totally so don't miss it! The True Medusa About the life of the unique Fetish Medusa Medusa Goddess is known for her exceptional lifestyle and eccentricity.
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  • Wendell Just browse and watch all the sex movies! Julia experimenting with the eko and double sided steth. The ultrasound captures her heart hiccups nicely.
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  • Jerrold She gets better at it with each attempt and she tries a few different positions. Each time she pedals faster than the time before.