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  • Sherman She has also appeared in various feature and television films, including the 2014 , the television film 2014 , the 2015 , and the 2018. Emma and Laura arrive to visit Calie, who is seen smiling evilly before the screen fades to black.
  • Marshall The film ends with Calie in a mental hospital, where she watches a preacher talk about giving to others before giving to self until a nurse walks up and gives her medication.
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  • Valentin Next, Calie corners Hanover in the bathroom and blackmails him into getting rid of George's will and replacing it with the old one by showing him the footage she recorded of the two of them having sex, threatening to show it to his wife. .
  • Monty Emma decides to turn in and heads upstairs, only to discover George's body.
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  • Melissa At George's funeral, Calie sees Jake in the hallway and excuses herself to confront him.
  • Brady However, she dumps out the special food George needs and again taunts her father by eating Emma's special soup in front of him and recounting what happened the night before. She left high school in her freshman year to pursue acting and participated in an online high school program.
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  • Chadwick In 2013, she was cast as Courtney in the musical adaptation of and participated in a reading of the show in Manhattan. The show premiered July 16, 2015 to mixed reviews, but Gillies' performance as Gigi was well received.
  • Cameron The film also features Gillies' former Winx Club co-star and was released on iTunes June 17, 2014. I always say she's not so much the 'mean' girl, but the 'bad' girl in so many ways.
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  • Javier Sometime later, Calie hurtfully tells Emma that she needs to think about what she's going to do now that George is gone and announces she's going shopping.
  • Gordon She has a lot of human qualities to her — she's not just completely sociopathic.
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  • Orlando George is sent home to be cared for by his family, and Calie goes through his desk and finds a new draft of his last will and testament, which states that Calie is to receive a large sum of money while Emma is to receive everything else; Calie, however, believes that George is cutting her out.
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  • Eloy After Emma regains consciousness, Calie holds her at gunpoint and Emma tearfully explains that Calie's mother was mentally ill, that Calie likely inherited the same condition, and that George did everything he could to help his daughter, including having her institutionalized.
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  • Ronny Elizabeth began acting professionally at the age of 12.
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  • Morton The next night, Calie volunteers to feed George and keep him company.
  • Israel After left the role of Fallon's mother near the end of the second season, Gillies began playing the character temporarily, as well as continuing to portray Fallon. Gillies has stated that she has Irish ancestry, and an Italian grandmother and great-grandmother.