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  • Percy There are multiple options, 12 are taken directly from in-game pictures of the sky, and 4 are simple two-color gradients.
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  • Irving My name is Dani and I am the Sims custom content creator Ebonixsims.
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  • Booker Anyways, blush, highlighter and my golden eyeshadow just brighten my days! Hopefully with fatter bank accounts too! I thought their skin tones looked horrible, as did the hair! Ebonics: The true language of black folks.
  • Aaron People think of reincarnation as a rebirth. I got so much to do including stocking my bar my head is gonna spin.
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  • Mack Refuse to fixate on the things that could go wrong.
Trevor EbonixSims is creating The Sims 4 Custom Content
  • Andre TurnUpTuesday for a great KarmicBalance.
  • Wilburn For the variety of English spoken by African Americans, see.
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  • Dewey I don't want to be confined to just one thing~ Inspired by Constance C.
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  • Jarrod One thing that concerned me about the franchise, was the lack of content available for sims and simmers of colour to give them the freedom to create sims that represent themselves. If we do what we have to in this life and be good to one another reincarnation is less likely to happen.
  • Andrew I have since seen an increase in the number of sims of colour, especially black sims, increase and I only want it to increase further.
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  • Lenard Thereafter, the term Ebonics became popularized, though as little more than a synonym for , perhaps differing in the emphasis on its claimed African roots and independence from English.
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  • Shawn Thus, we are really talking about the science of black speech sounds or language. Lots of love, Ebonix Visit my and tumblr if you're interested in seeing my sims + journey so far! The cc I create is based off what I like to have in my game for personal use but I figured other simmers would love them as well.
  • Ward This article is about Ebonics as a term. Thank you for reading and supporting me! So, we can question patients and see if they have symptoms.
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  • Ken The two afro and cornrow styles just weren't cutting it! We know that ebony means black and that phonics refers to speech sounds or the science of sounds.
  • Robt While the term is generally avoided by most linguists, it is used elsewhere such as on Internet message boards , often for ridiculing , particularly when this is parodied as drastically differing from Standard American English.
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  • Melissa This body made of flesh will not endure the travels of the soul plane. My influences come from an array of sources.