Dreamlover. What does dreamlover mean?

Coleman Dream Lover (1993 film)
  • Lester They have sex the next day, marry shortly thereafter, and become parents.
Delmer Dream Lover (1986)
  • Jackie Sometimes I'll have an idea for a lyrics. Well, the movie wasn't quite as good as I remembered it, but James Spader's performance is still awesome.
Lyman Dreamlover (song)
  • Guy The premise is fascinating: that a drug might be used or, in this case, abused to block the chemical in our brains that inhibits muscular action during sleep, allowing us to unconsciously act out our dreams.
Curtis Bobby Darin
  • Amado If there isn't much in this modest, sub-Hitchcock thriller worth criticizing it's only because there isn't much in it worth noticing at all. Their plans were to tone down Carey's vocals and soften the album's production to create a contemporary pop record.
Jonathon Bobby Darin
  • Claudio Carey uses a to introduce the first verse. Hall said Carey works in a unique fashion, usually developing the song's instrumentals and hook prior to the lyrics and title.
  • Leonel But when he meets Lena his gloom is quickly forgotten. James Spader, gave a dynamic performance, but also did the costar his 2nd wife in the movie.
Stuart Dream Lover
  • Foster Carey and Afanasieff agreed to the change and began writing and recording material for her third studio effort, 1993.
Maxwell Dreamlover (song)
  • Laura Due to the song's strong radio airplay and extended charting, the video received frequent play on several music video channels throughout the summer of 1993.
Nolan Dream Lover (1993)
  • Reggie While searching for new record producers for the album, Carey came across , a New York native who was known from his work on 's debut album, 1992.
Dallas Dream Lover (1986)
  • Nolan She is soon gasping for air and climbing into a flower bed above. During a tense confrontation, Lena taunts Ray by claiming to have had an affair with an unnamed friend of his and refusing to tell Ray if their children are biologically his.
  • Stefan Ray is young, charming, successful and the owner of a prosperous architect company.
Art www.hashtagr.co: Watch Dream Lover
  • Clarence Still a bit of nudity but no extended love scene. After filming the video, Carey revealed that the water was so cold that she refused to swim until the director, Martel, dived in first.
  • Kennith Spader plays a very successful businessman who just got a divorce and is very lonely.
Courtney Dream Lover (1993)
  • Chang I am a huge fan of Madchen Amick and she is outstanding as a manipulative wife and bitch. But then strange incidents occur which shed some light on Lena's background.
  • Clement The spirit of the song was up but it wasn't hitting hard enough.
Gregg Dream Lover
  • Freddie James Spader plays a wealthy architect named Ray who divorces from his first wife then fears he may never find love again until one day he bumps into a woman who he thinks is perfect for him. Despite his happiness in the marriage, Ray becomes suspicious after catching Lena in several lies about her past.