Dd wrt tagged vlans. VLAN Trunking with DD

Jim VLAN Detached Networks (Separate Networks With Internet)
  • Moses So, for example, port 1 2 3 4 5 on the outside of the router is actually 5 4 3 2 1 internally. But you should be able to think about your hardware ports and internal port numbering and vlan numbering schemes.
  • Julian The settings can easily be changed and adapted to however you want the network to be setup. There are times when the web gui stopped responding but the router is still working fine and you can ping the router.
Randal Creating a “Guest Wifi” with 802.1Q VLAN Tagging in pfSense and DD
  • Xavier Hi I try to make this work for me.
Spencer My VLAN Experiences with DD
  • Katherine There are a couple of things that are important to note.
Micheal router
  • Danny The above is an example of what needs to be done in order to have that traffic routed.
  • Israel You can also allow packets to pass through it, allowing the 2 separate subnets to communicate with each other. Please let me know if I was not clear in some of my instructions.
Mario Default internal device network
  • Julie Do the command: nvram show grep vlan.
  • Rocky One big one is that the physical layout of the ports e.
  • Ethan I enabled tagging on the switch port and the pinging started up. Normally, every port also has one or more additional hardware attributes assigned.
Kenneth David Crumpton's Blog: Home VLAN Trunking with OpenWRT and DDWRT
  • Scott Recovery mode How to factory reset? When port 8 port 5 is associated with a vLan, an additional device named vLan becomes available to the router by virtue of vLan tagging through the eth0 device.
  • Daniel Background reading seriously, read these, several times : - This article is key in understanding which ports are which on your router, which you'll have to know before you begin configuration. Default vlan and tagging also specified.
Dewayne VLAN Trunking with DD
  • Emily I didn't really care about having 802. Background and Goal: I'm about to move into a small office where two companies will be sharing a network environment.
  • Pat The commands that are commented out should already be set by default. Configure the newly created vlan11 to be unbridged.
Jerold VLAN Support
  • Stacy The linked article is very helpful, so definitely read it as well to help guide you through the process. I think I an change that but it appears like it would work regardless.