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  • Ferdinand I suppose for once my hair color can work towards my advantage, he then thought.
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  • Isiah From there, they boarded a ferry that took them to the gambling boat owned by William Tate. And a member of the Black Order has received such an invitation.
  • Brady He was still goofy looking, but now with long, blonde hair, and big, round eyes, also with Stigmata across his forehead, behind head jewelry. The series is noted for its dark narrative; Hoshino once rewrote a scene she thought too violent for her young readers.
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  • Jacob I can play a mean game of cards myself, but nothing like you.
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  • Emery Now she was hovering over him like a hawk.
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  • Manuel When Komui took over as Chief of the Black Order, he did some renovations to the Castle.
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  • Mario Honorable Mentions — Tyki x Alma! But why are they at the tournament? And his tourney is the very place, against you, his apprentice! David looked at Jasdero, then back at Allen. An hour later, it was only him and David left.
  • Salvador But not before receiving his cursed eye as punishment, for which later became a blessing in disguise in his fight against the Millennium Earl.
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  • Alden After talking for a while, Allen's stomach started to growl, and it was decided they would get something to eat.
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  • Collin Most people would hope for the luck of the draw to win the game, but I make my own luck, Allen thought.
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  • Johnathon But it wasn't until the both of them were wrapping up a particular mission did he then notice her beauty.
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  • Gilberto And Allen immediately knew he was in trouble with the hand he had been dealt.
  • Graham A zoom lens focused in on him.
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  • Mauro All he wanted to do was take a shower, have a meal, and then go back to his room and sleep.
  • Damion And for a minute, neither one blinked.
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  • Edmond Resentment only poisons a persons soul. Tyki Mikk also showed me how to count cards and to calculate odds.
  • Pete David rose to his feet in disbelief, his chair crashing to the floor behind him.