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  • Laura However, it may be possible that some systems and apps do not support this function. .
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  • Sarah In Abhängigkeit von dem Ort der Video-Darstellung und den technischen Gegebenheiten wie z. Wash-up is made easy with a conveniently located stainless steel basin and swivel tap.
  • Darnell You can click selected items and access the corresponding product video, depending on the location from which you are viewing the video clip as well as technical parameters e.
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  • Humberto We hope this overview gives you a good insight into our product range.
  • Adan There is also a huge bench top, which makes food preparation convenient and enjoyable due to always being level and at your chosen height.
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  • Louis Ci auguriamo che questa panoramica ti comunichi al meglio il valore del nostro assortimento.
  • Daren Our suspension is only available on Bruder expedition trailers and is made from Australian 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section steel and shaped to maximise ground clearance.
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  • Earle Instead, we opted for the ease and convenience of an always-accessible kitchen area that is instantly protected and covered. Enhance the value of this great vehicle with accessories set 62710 consisting of a paramedic and patient.
  • Ruben Viewing the video in full screen mode is the best way of displaying click-on areas, providing said function is enabled. This is only fantasy play designed to show the features of the vehicle.
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  • Rosendo Vous pourrez prendre contact à tout moment avec notre service clientèle, qui se fera un plaisir de répondre à vos questions sur nos produits ou notre société.
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  • Bernardo There is generous storage for food and pantry items along with space for cooking utensils, plates and cutlery.
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  • Maxwell Entry and exit is made easy for the tall or short, with up to 12inches of adjustment.
  • Brain We take design seriously, and that means designing and engineering everything from the ground up for the ultimate towing performance.
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  • Gino Careful consideration in the design allows for a huge sense of space as well as creature comforts.
  • Will Rest easy with the added protection and safety of knowing you have the strongest engineered composite body all around you. Nous espérons que cette description vous donnera une bonne impression de notre gamme de produits.
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  • Napoleon In base al luogo di riproduzione e alle caratteristiche tecniche ad es.
  • Herman This means precious water supplies are better protected from damage off-road and prevents freezing in extreme climates. The interior can be tailored to accommodate young children on a 1.
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  • Andrea A carbon fibre roof mounted filtration system is also available and designed to keep the cabin pressurized during dusty travel. Suspension: Bruder design, 12-inch adjustable wheel travel, 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section tapered suspension arms, 4x Bruder specific remote canister rose joint mono tube shock absorbers.
  • Micheal For off-road adventures, a permanent rear recovery winch can be of real assistance for helping others out of sticky situations. Von dort aus können Sie auch jederzeit Kontakt zu unserem Kundenservice aufnehmen, der Ihnen gerne bei jeder Art von Fragen zu den Produkten oder dem Unternehmen behilflich ist.
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  • Owen For perfect towing balance, the suspension can also calibrate its ride height to suit a wide range of tow vehicles. This stop motion video is a fantasy play scene.