Brittanyventi. BrittanyVenti is creating a traditional lifestyle

Franklin BrittanyVenti is creating a traditional lifestyle
  • Earl The excessively more attractive, womanly and talented Martina Markota was pivotal in the rise of the well-known grifter known as Brittany Venti. This video topped 400k views, doubling the original 4chan raid video.
  • Shane Brittany is active on social media like Instagram and news media Twitter.
Johnnie Brittany Venti
  • Cleo It was actually a precursor to her more famous username; BrittanyVenti.
Gino Brittany Venti
  • Roscoe The internet star plays computer games in the live stream. Early Life And Bio Of Brittany Venti Brittany Venti was born Brittany Dier on September 21, 1997, in the United States under the zodiac sign of Virgo.
Reggie Brittany Venti
  • Gerry This enraged her as she said that she is half black as her mother is black.
Amy Brittany Venti
  • Joe Antifa, a left-wing radical movement was running action at that time, and Venti participated in an Antifa-directed counter action occurring in the same place.
  • Darrell She also believes that the Illuminati is real.
Ron Brittany Venti
  • Kieth Around April or May 2015 was when she really started blowing up, following up from a 4chan raid in one of her streams, which also got recorded for laughs. And never forget she hates the Lord Jesus Christ.
Mac Brittany Venti
  • Hunter In July 2018, she herself set up a Go fund me account as a result of the harassment she claimed she was receiving from people. Brittany Venti's Career Brittany who is a video game and anime enthusiast began her career as a streamer for Hitbox.
Napoleon Brittany Venti
  • Buddy On her Twitter account, she has about 45.
Kieth Brittany Venti
  • Robt Soon after, another video was posted by Brittany where she got an overwhelming amount of swarming donation texts. Another Notable thing about Brittany Venti is her hate of Memes which is understandable as she has been the target of many spread by 4chan forums.
Robbie BrittanyVenti is creating a traditional lifestyle
  • Oscar Later on, things calmed down and the left radical movement Antifa became a common target for jokes and memes.
  • Marshall Past Relationships She has not been previously engaged. True to say, after clarifying the circumstances, she was released.