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  • Andrea I can always use Gibbed, but for this it's cheap and boring. Is there some way to skip everything? They are ordered the way they are in Gibbed so if you are interested in making your own, you can use this list to easily identify which skills are which.
  • Colby I still don't see where its listed on the site but i might just be dumb enough to totally miss where it is. Without any further ado, here is the list! To the best of my knowledge, yes that's correct - what you want sounds to me like it requires the installation of some sort s of third-party software in order to modify the game.
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  • Rickie If you don't mind having the missions complete in the earlier playthroughs then do the following: LastPlaythroughNumber - 2 PlaythroughsCompleted - 2 Doing this completes all missions correctly? Your best bet would be to find a random save file somewhere that's at the point you want to skip to, then editing the name and class to fit your needs.
  • Vance Theoretically, what you're looking for sounds as if it maybe doable as you guessed by installing third-party software. Yes, I do know where you could find a save like that.
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  • Rodolfo A small hotfix has been applied that makes this revision 39 from revision 37. Doing this completes all missions correctly? However, the RegionGameStageData will be the same.
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  • Tim The newest version of Gibbed version 1. Deserialize Stream input, Platform platform, DeserializeSettings settings at Gibbed.
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  • Wilbur Not to mention the fact that the glitch turns it into a shotgun witch is kinda counter productive to what a sniper rifle does.
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  • Sidney For example, you can level up your Vault Hunter, add more money, skip missions, and add awesome weapons to your backpack. Please tell me if talk about gibbed isn't allowed on the forum.
  • Ashley But make sure you change the Plot Mission to match this number.
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  • Dylan I wouldn't bother skipping stuff unless there's something specific you want to do that requires it. I saw something about Python editing, but can I do this in bulk? I'll have to keep tinkering with it in gibbed but thanks for giving me the code for it anyway.
  • Bradly Here is a list of all the class mods for each class and what each of them can spawn in terms of skills.
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  • Woodrow I have a lot of Python text files available for different MissionData on another site. Messing with quests and progress is the one thing Gibbed doesn't do very well.
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  • Maria Originally posted by Juggernoughtt:I've never used gibbed or any kind of cheat program, however I thought of an item I would like to mess around with if I could make it. If you encounter any problems crashes, etc , feel free to comment this post.
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  • Wilson Since enemies are finally on my level this will be pretty enjoyable, and at worst I can use lower difficulties to farm challenges while facerolling everything.
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  • Rebecca Deserialize Stream input, Endian endian at Gibbed. Dunno if the board is ok with dirty little cheaters, so if I should be ashamed etc, sorry.
  • Marc Played this game for a ridiculous amount of time, but I lost my save after I changed the language 4 teh lulz so I gave it a time out.
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  • Jamaal A potential problem there maybe that I'm doubtful Gibbed can handle your request. .
  • Josue I've never used gibbed or any kind of cheat program, however I thought of an item I would like to mess around with if I could make it.