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Dylan The History of Blur
  • Terence February 1997 - Damon and Graham fly to New York to promote the album to America. Graham Coxon recorded a string of solo albums, while Damon Albarn dedicated his time to , the animated band he had created with.
  • Bennett Albarn's wit and insight elevated the group beyond the myopic effects of 1990s grunge. I think the music we're making now is the music that we've always wanted to make but got distracted from in a way.
Wilmer Blur (Blur album)
  • Benny Kids who previously wouldn't have understood Blur at all, mosh away at the band's concerts.
  • Ellis The common cause had started to fray. Blur's debut album 1991 incorporated the sounds of and.
Aron Blur: The Best Of
  • Sebastian Oasis, Elastica, Pulp, the Boo Radleys, Supergrass, Gene, Echobelly, Menswear, and numerous other bands all benefited from the band's success.
Dan The History of Blur
  • Ernest I know that when I want to hear a good song I can write one and when I want to go for a drink, I can call up Liam. The band recorded a demo sometime in 1980-1981, giving the tape to John Peel at one of his traveling shows.
  • Shane The massive fame and attention that Different Class brought Pulp influenced the direction of their follow-up, 1998's world-weary, paranoid This Is Hardcore. We were trying to be really brave.
Cliff The 101 Greatest Dance Songs Of the '90s
  • Nathan Pavement are to become one of many influences on the new songs Damon is writing, along with Can and Faust. Blur's rivals of the 1990s, top and bottom After discovering they were £60,000 in debt, Blur toured the United States in 1992 in an attempt to recoup their financial losses.
Hershel The Best of Blur
  • Dick The duo are seen covering 'You're So Great' — a Coxon-sung track from Blur's eponymous 1997 album.
Will Blur discography
  • Otis At that point Damon was revelling in being one of the hottest things on the planet. The result is a stunning collection of deeply emotional experimental rock that only a musician of his range could have created.
Herman Blur: Their 10 Greatest Hits
  • Luciano These suave, humorous television appearances became legendary, making Cocker somewhat of a national hero, as well as a sex symbol. Blur completed their second album in December 1992, but Food Records said the album required more potential hit singles and asked them to return to the studio for a second time.
  • Ahmad Out of second-hand pop, Pulp fashioned a distinctive, stylish sound that made camp into something grand and glamorous that retained a palpable sense of gritty reality. They played a number of high-profile gigs in 2009, including headlining Glastonbury, then in 2010 a documentary of the band's history called No Distance Left to Run appeared.
Vincent Blur (band)
  • Matt Cocker and Senior added drummer Magnus Doyle and bassist Peter Mansell to the group, as well as Tim Allcard, who did nothing but read poetry. The following year, Cocker assembled a new lineup which featured eight members, including keyboardist Simon Hinkler, who would later join the Mission.
Michelle Official Singles Chart Top 100
  • Ruben The band used the downtime to record a bunch of material that lay unused until Coxon started working with producer Stephen Street to turn them into completed tracks in November of 2014. During the recording of the album, guitarist Mark Webber -- the president of Pulp's fan club -- became a full-time member of the group.
  • Luis In 2006, Cocker released a solo album entitled Jarvis. Our lines of communications were pretty rock solid.
Trinidad Blur and Oasis' big Britpop chart battle
  • Bennett Originally, the singles were to be released on separate dates, but are now scheduled for sale on the same day. Musically, Pulp backed away from the folky inclinations of It, adding keyboardist Candida Doyle in 1985, which led to a darker sound; shortly after her arrival, Allcard left the group.
  • RoyceAfter spending nearly a year in the studio, the band delivered the album to Food. They are the first band to sell out all tickets and perform a brilliant set at the Chelmsford show.
Ira Blur and Oasis' big Britpop chart battle
  • Federico The band had trouble creating a follow-up single, but they made progress when paired with producer.