Berghain gay. Will Berghain Remain the World’s Filthiest Queer Club After Opening a New Floor in March?

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  • Moises I didn't like the thought of doing it like everyone else—maybe a mix through the back catalog and a few exclusive new tracks by some key artists.
Amy Berghain
  • Philip Now that it is over-exposed, the question is will become simply a tourist attraction like the erstwhile now defunct s—— a place that so defined Berlin that it eventually became the cliché itself? His non-fiction portrait of was published in 2017. The skulls ring is from a label, though, Wildcat in London.
  • Thaddeus I found it fascinating and wanted to be a part of it. If we were just a club full of models, pretty people all dressed in black, it would be nice to look at for a half an hour, but god, that would be boring.
  • Young She became my mentor throughout the eighties. One thing is clear: people are desperate to get in.
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  • Rodney We sat together one day last summer and she told me about her last visit to Berghain. Berghain is starting to feel like a place pointed out from the window of a tour bus.
Peter A question about Berghain and its dark rooms : Techno
  • Jarrett Bart Van Poll I joined the queue at 2am and half-an-hour later, I came face-to-face with the bouncers who eyed me and muttered something in German.
Leo Will Berghain Remain the World’s Filthiest Queer Club After Opening a New Floor in March?
  • Connie I arrived at 12:30am on a Friday night and had barely opened the cab door out the front before I was offered drugs by one of half a dozen busy dealers.
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  • Ignacio It took about two or three weeks. Berghain's head doorman, Sven Marquardt, is also known as a photographer.
  • Gordon I understand why it is a place that one cannot avoid in Berlin, but I also understand that to be judged so hard for a second and downgraded to this level is highly discouraging.
Wade Sex rooms, bondage dancers and 60 hour drug raves... a rare look inside the world's most exclusive club
  • Alfonso Door policies are inherently discriminatory and unsavoury, and plenty of Berliners think so too. You only started using the Internet three years ago? At the same time, though, almost anything was possible.
Dana Berghain Bouncer Sven Marquardt on Who He Lets Into the Party
  • Eugenio It was such an adrenaline rush.
  • Marcus Berghain, founded in 2004, got immediate recognition on the gay scene. Then a while ago I met Emika, she's making music herself on Ninja Tune.
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  • Bryon Out of 10 people in front of us, 8 were turned away. For me the conversation was over, and I let them go ahead, so as not to be implicated in their macho cavorting.
  • Walker Sven Marquardt: My week is split between night and day.
Jake Will Berghain Remain the World’s Filthiest Queer Club After Opening a New Floor in March?
  • Glenn Hundreds of people remain glued to the dance floor, still going strong. That would be this man, Sven Marquardt, 52, who has run security at the club since it first opened in 2004.