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Van THE BEST Bars & Pubs in Darmstadt
  • Saul Despite this, Darmstadt happens to be the home of one of the world's most important New Music festivals in the world.
  • Travis This wasn't my first time in Darmstadt: my wife, due to uncanny coincidence, has been singing for the Darmstadt opera for the past couple years.
Patricia THE 10 BEST Restaurants & Places to Eat in Darmstadt 2020
  • Rodolfo I finally realized I should be chronicling these experiences! If you fancy a relaxed evening out, this isn't a bad place to go, and it's very handy if you're staying at the Etap next door. You may want to research bar menus or.
Christine THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Darmstadt Updated April 2020
  • Ernest The place mostly seemed to be full of locals, which I think is a good sign.
  • Rodney A very warm, German decoration with the friendliest staff that even though language was a barrier I don't speak German did their best to help me and make me feel comfortable and enjoy my evening there. It's cute with exposed brew kettles, serves quality German food, and is always crowded.
Justin Good beer in Darmstadt
  • Otis It was only natural that eventually I would need to learn more about this craft.
  • Gerard Ratskeller's beer is only available at the brewery, and they do not bottle.
Hector Churchyard Brewery: The Beers of Darmstadt
  • Jarred It was so off, it left me wondering if there was something wrong with the tap lines. One way to support your favorite restaurants during this financially stressful time: Consider purchasing a gift card to be used at a later date , which will help businesses keep their operations running.
  • Winfred Recommended to good beer tasters. The beer selection is poor, to say the least only Australian beer, and the food is not great.
Jesus THE 10 BEST Darmstadt Bars & Clubs (with Photos)
  • Derick In fact, if one doesn't know what to look for, it's pretty easy to pass. And though I have never had it, I am told they also brew a Doppelbock that is available for about four weeks up to December 23rd.
  • Shelby The most common of their beers are the two Pilseners Braustüb'l Pilsner and Darmstädter , though their Weissbier is pretty commonly seen as well.
Errol THE BEST Nightlife in Darmstadt
  • Nicole However, as good as the other two beers are, the Pils is a huge disappointment: pouring with no head, it's unusually sweet and syrupy, nothing like what a Pils could and should be. Use our site to research your options.
Gabriel THE BEST Nightlife in Darmstadt
  • Derick Darmstadt can boast three breweries: Darmstädter Privatbrauerei, Darmstädter Ratskeller Hausbrauerei, and Grohe Brauerei.
Adan THE BEST Bars & Pubs in Darmstadt
  • Carmen If you are going to be traveling to Germany, Darmstadt is not a town I would generally recommend going out of your way to visit.
  • Fabian Though both Grohe and Ratskeller serve fantastic beers, while they are the best beer in the area, they certainly aren't among the best in the country. The seasonal is a Märzen and an excellent one at that: darker in color but crisp and clean, there is a slightly sour tinge to it that is wonderfully thirst-quenching.
Thurman Good beer in Darmstadt
  • Leroy Hmm, Newcastle Brown isn't Australian. They are easy drinking and unoffensive which is exactly what the average German beer-consumer enjoys.
  • Alvin The Pilsener ranks, in my opinion, as the best Pilsener in town. I had the Bratwurst served with potatoes and sauerkraut, which was very tasty.