Barb thunderman. Rosa Blasi

Anton The Thundermans (TV Series 2013
  • Ahmad She asks Billy to steal one for her so that she can present it for the class art auction.
  • Steven Males are usually a little more colorful, but a little smaller than the females. Phoebe is about to tell Chloe the story of , when Max appears and Chloe says he is her favorite, so Phoebe decides to tell her a different story, where Sheriff Maxingham steals things from people, including Chloe the Cute's golden slippers.
Ignacio Barb from The Thundermans
  • Dick Max doesn't want his bandmates dating his sister but Oyster insists that his guitar chose Phoebe.
  • Rich Before hitting the ground, the Thunder Twins save one another with telekinesis, make them realize that they do in fact care about each other. Usually, only the male fish are known for eating the eggs, but when it comes to tiger barbs, both the females and the males are known for eating as many of their own eggs as they can get their mouths on, which is quite unfortunate.
Dannie The Thundermans (TV Series 2013
  • Bernardo Phoebe understands and helps him through his fears.
Damien Barbara Thunderman
  • Darryl. Meanwhile, Hank is struggling to run the Hero League.
Cameron Rosa Blasi
  • Norberto Max's attempts to prove that Phoebe is not Oyster's type fail. After realizing that Chloe can teleport with other people, Max and Phoebe get her to teleport Nora and Billy to the ride.
Nigel List of The Thundermans episodes
  • Taylor At the park, Phoebe keeps Dylan away from the baby while waiting for Max to return the real baby.
  • Numbers The competition is tight, and near the end, Phoebe and Max both use their superpowers to make the other team's player unable to speak.
Stevie Rosa Blasi
  • Terrell Colosso tries to frame Cousin Blobbin for sending Chloe to space.
  • Rich He quickly comes to the realization that his parents' rules are in place for a reason and regrets his decision of moving out. The twins disguise themselves as employees in order to get inside.
Joshua The Thundermans
  • Darrin Tiger barbs are not live bearers, or in other words, tiger barb babies are not born swimming right out of the mother. He holds the Thundermans hostage for turning his father into a bunny.
Jess The Thundermans
  • Billy She is touched when Chloe says that she wants to buy the best bow for Nora because Nora is the best big sister ever.
Phillip The Thundermans (TV Series 2013
  • Howard The visors are wonky, causing Nora's laser blast to destroy a lot of properties in addition to trapping the twins under a giant pizza sign. So, Hank is forced to go through the embarrassment to show Chloe the important of keeping a promise.
Lazaro Barb Thunderman
  • Armando Phoebe escapes from the closet and goes to the stage to humiliate Max.
  • Cornelius Wong to prevent her from finding out that he invited the entire class.
Tracey How To Tell If A Tiger Barb Is Pregnant
  • Mitchell Meanwhile, Nora and Billy must infiltrate Darcy's home to retrieve Dr. They return back to the auction just in time before they're busted.