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  • Antoine With Akatsuki's stubbornness and willpower, she's a force to be reckoned with.
  • Fredric Anime gamer girl with her own anime game, anyone? With her usually calm mind, intelligence, and ability to manipulate others, Kuroyukihime is not a player you want to find yourself against.
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  • Vernon Many discussions on online communities will write off gamer girls for a variety of reasons that mainly have to do with gender, but let's check out some anime gamer girls that will have you change your mind about just how awesome gamer girls are! Plus, Konata excels in her specialty. It's the 21st century and gamer girls are starting to break out into the gaming community! Games included in this unbelievable collection are: Vampire Savior, Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo, Street Fighter: Alpha 3, Street Fighter: Third Strike, The Art of Fighting, Last Blade, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown.
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  • Cyril Fubuki just shows that girls can kick ass in many areas of gaming! Umaru has been shown to pass time in the arcades where she dominates against the other players, but Umaru has been seen playing on portable gaming consoles and game stations.
  • Kenny Now, Kyousuke has been enlisted against his will to help Kirino hide her hobby. Nintendo nintendo switch pastel kawaii yumekawaii anime gamer gamer girl pixel pixel art bitmapdreams jfashion luxury pink decora.
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  • Howard Now, we have a serious representation of gamer girls in anime who usually serve the dual purpose of serious player and eye candy.
  • Vincent Sena can actually get pretty serious about playing video games and will make sure you take her seriously so don't even start with her! If the person requesting the gif wants to post it, they can, so long as they ask permission from the person who made it for them.
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  • Carey She's no damsel in distress; Asuna can take on any enemy and hold her own. Yup, Sena plays them all so don't think less of her just because she's a cute face.
  • Luke She may not have had a choice in the matter, but Akatsuki came into Elder Tale to dominate and she's a key player to victory. Kirino's specialty is little sister eroge so don't think that girls are limited to otome games.
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  • Wm Play the latest anime games now. Its the 21st century and gamer girls are starting to break out into the gaming community.
  • Royce Shiro proves herself to be quite the intellectual player and her best game is chess if you didn't know. Weve gathered more than 3 million images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones.
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  • George She's a skilled player who is always looking to level up her skill so that she will hold back no one. They receive a chess match one day that will ultimately change their world as they are transported by the god Tet to a whole new world where everything is decided upon through a high stakes game.
  • Sebastian Who knew a virtual identity could be who you really were born to be? Websites, flash animations, videos, music, or any other submission that is not an animated.
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  • Claudio He cannot log out so Tsukasa must seek answers and find out what is going on.
  • Spencer Mystery, Fubuki will have to defeat the Gods of Gaming to make arcade safe for everyone once again. You can check if your image has been posted here already by using , or by searching this subreddit.
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  • Jamal By the way, if they die in the game, they die in real life, too?. Yup, Subaru made a name for herself in the game.
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  • Cornell Kirino drags Kyousuke into her room that night to reveal that she has a little sister complex and loves littler sister video games and anime.
  • Theodore He doesn't think it belongs to his parents because they are adamantly against anime. From the earliest arcade and console games, the typically 2-dimensional format has endured through the years.
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  • Rick Lucky Umaru just got her own game, too.