Amd zen virtually indexed physically tagged. what is meant by cache is physically addressed and cache is virtually addressed

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  • Heath So now I have two pointers , i.
  • Cody There are three kinds of cache misses: instruction read miss, data read miss, and data write miss.
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  • Roy However, if the processor does not find the memory location in the cache, a cache miss has occurred.
Brian what is meant by cache is physically addressed and cache is virtually addressed
  • Bennett The operating system makes this guarantee by enforcing page coloring, which is described below.
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  • Shannon This is quite a bit of work, and would result in a higher L1 miss rate. Not that it really matters, since the bottlenecks are elsewhere.
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  • Connie Cache entries may also be disabled or locked depending on the context.
  • Stewart Finally the physical address is compared to the physical tag to determine if a hit has occurred.
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  • Jackson Skylake can retire up to 4 fused-domain operations per cycle, which can be up to 6 x86 instructions but not 8 - I'd like to know where that number comes from.
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  • Graham Address bit 31 is most significant, bit 0 is least significant.
Carlton Physical vs Virtual Indexing with x86_64 cores
  • Roscoe Multi-level caches generally operate by checking the fastest, level 1 L1 cache first; if it hits, the processor proceeds at high speed.
  • Tommie This is almost certainly what I was incorrectly remembering. Full support is also available at the segmentation level, the part that translates logical addresses into linear addresses.
Dwight AMD's Bulldozer Microarchitecture
  • Denis Am wondering what happens if I have different virtual addresses that actually map to the same physical address say I have mmapped things deliberately so that the above happens Which caches use physical adresses and which use virtual addresses? Microprocessors have advanced much faster than memory, especially in terms of their operating , so memory became a performance.
  • Lance But yes, that's not specifically enabled by the inclusive property. This avoids the overhead of loading something into the cache without having any reuse.
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  • Jonah In these processors the virtual hint is effectively two bits, and the cache is four-way set associative.
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  • Dominique They reduce decode bottlenecks and decrease power consumption. A process can have the same physical page frame mapped to 2 different virtual pages.
  • Dee It's a hash function that better distributes things to reduce collisions from fixed strides.
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  • Wyatt A branch target cache provides instructions for those few cycles avoiding a delay after most taken branches. It's an extension in the page table entry format.