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Mike Alexis Bledel’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Husband, Kids
  • Charles And while Bledel looks pretty great in posed shots from the awards show, one Twitter user, GilmoreJunkie, is the only person on Twitter who calls out Bledel's pregnancy. Is Alexis Bledel about to be a mom to a little boy or girl? To that end, Lauren Graham, 50 — who played Rory's mom Lorelai — is still unsure.
  • Daryl The film was presented at Montreal's 2010.
Darnell Alexis Bledel secretly welcomes first child with husband Vincent Kartheiser
  • Wiley There are only a few leading fans to wonder how she got away with it.
  • Deon The Gilmore Girls revival will air on Netflix.
Wendell Alexis Bledel Pregnant?
  • Billie I knew that's what she wanted and I trusted her.
  • Melvin Did she get nostalgic for her awesome Gilmore Girls alter ego and name the little guy Rory? As a child, Bledel appeared in local productions of and.
Roderick 3 Photos That Hint At Alexis Bledel's Pregnancy
  • Arnold A rep for the actress confirmed the exciting news and added that the couple's son was born last Fall. Besides seeming easygoing and totally unaffected, she starred in , so news that the 34-year-old might be pregnant is making us pretty happy.
  • Zachary As exciting as it is knowing Bledel is now a mom, it is totally understandable she would want to keep her private life private, especially as she and Kartheiser settle into their new roles as mom and dad. The pilot was picked up for a series and was retitled.
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  • Carlos In 2016, Bledel reprised her role on the reunion miniseries. They have one child, a son, said to have been born in the fall of 2015.
  • Terrell The identify of the father hasn't been confirmed, though many fans speculate that it is on-again off-again boyfriend Logan Huntzberger. However, in Netflix: A Year in the Life, Rory is without a full-time job and struggling to obtain freelance assignments.
Andres Alexis Bledel Pregnant During ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival? — Find Out Her Due Date
  • Dennis On January 29, 2016, announced a revival of Gilmore Girls with a series of four 90-minute films set around the four , and Bledel's participation was confirmed.
  • Cedric She has retained her shy and awkward demeanor, despite her successful career in modeling and acting.
Ulysses Alexis Bledel Is Pregnant: Report
  • Kelly Then in March 2013, Kartheiser shyly admitted to that he was. To get into her role as Emily, Alexis meditates and listens to music pertinent to the era of the series.
Hal Alexis Bledel secretly welcomes first child with husband Vincent Kartheiser
  • Fabian We're just really enjoying each other's company.
Cecil Badass Alexis Bledel Masterfully Hid That She Was Going to Be a Mom
  • Melvin Almost as happy as when we found out the Gilmore Girls star last year. When Bledel sits down and discusses the prove to on the panel, it is much more confusing.
  • Linda Alexis considers herself to be a Latina — and raised in a Spanish speaking household and did not learn English until she started school.
Irving Alexis Bledel of 'Gilmore Girls' Is Pregnant
  • Micheal There are just a couple of leading followers to wonder exactly how she got away along with it. Kartheiser later that he has never lived without a toilet, but he does maintain that he lived without a car in L.
  • Vince What we want to know is… what does this mean for Rory in the Netflix revival? There are no photos of their son and even his name is unknown.
Martin Beautiful Latina Alexis Bledel from Young Model to Successful Actor
  • Scott It's a legacy Alexis feels strongly connected to — and proud of.
  • Sarah Martin is married to Nanette, a mother of his two children. In 2012, Bledel began dating , whose character, , shared scenes with her character Beth Dawes, during her guest-starring run on.